wish this had more templates and clip art

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wish this had more templates and clip art

Post by hellosoftmaker »


I'm just a casual new user of Softmaker, and I am signed up for the annual most recent and updated features, so please keep that in mind. As the subject suggests, I would like more festive templates and clip art available in general. I noticed I can log into here, https://create.microsoft.com/en-us , but it's a pain because I have to log in separately with Microsoft, look through some limited choices, and copy it paste it from there into Textmaker. I noticed so far you have one template for a Christmas letter, but wish you had more options available, especially for general seasons and reasons. I see you sell fonts, which is interesting, but not necessarily decorations to use in your platform. Hope this feedback is helpful. If anyone knows other programs that you think I might be looking for instead, feel free to chime in. I'm really looking for programs that are on a budget like Softmaker is.

SoftMaker Team
SoftMaker Team
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Re: wish this had more templates and clip art

Post by SuperTech »

Thank you for your valuable feedback. You can download any template/document of MS-Word from any preferred website and then use it with TextMaker without any problem.
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Re: wish this had more templates and clip art

Post by Woody44 »

The Internet is full of templates. Most of them are worth what they cost.

Seriously. As a self-published author, I have long since lost count of how many "expert" templates I have downloaded for preparing books for print. Probably not into the hundreds, but certainly several dozen, at least. In the end, they were all useless and I have created my own templates for books in various trim sizes.

Rather than expend time, energy and resources on creating templates that most users will never need, I would much prefer that the developers of SoftMaker Office continue to focus on improving the program. For example, I think a robust grammar checker for the English language would be more useful to more users and should have a higher priority than templates. Improving the exchange of files between TextMaker and users of Microsoft Word should also be a very high priority.
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Re: wish this had more templates and clip art

Post by lgsl »

I agree with Woody44. Templates are just a minor convenience. I would prefer to if SM focus on improving their suite. Grammar checker for non-german languages would be great, as well as better document support for LibreOffice and MS. LibreOffice document support is specially lacking, and it is a shame, since as a document format is much more clean, and better standardized than MS's format. For one, a odt looks the same in LO in any OS. That's something MS has not be able to fully archive of yet.
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