Presenter view not working on NX

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Presenter view not working on NX

Post by Korydween »


I am having an issue with the presenter view. My computer has two displays (the laptop's and a connected monitor) which are recognized by Presentation. I think I have configured presenter view correctly (see attached screenshots) but when I start the slide show, only the slideshow starts, without presenter view. It used to work perfectly before the upgrade to NX.

I tried restarting Presentation, re-plugging the external screen. Note that I tried on another screen and it worked. But on my own screen in my office, it consistently fails.

Can you help me with this?

[EDIT] I can't believe I didn't test this before, but the presenter view activates properly if the Presentation window is on my laptop screen when I start the presentation. If the window is on the connected screen (though the external screen is configured as my primary display) then the presentation view does not start.
Screenshot of the display configuration
Screenshot of the display configuration
Screenshot from 2023-08-22 11-02-00.png (6.71 KiB) Viewed 4035 times
Screenshot of the slide show setup
Screenshot of the slide show setup
SoftMaker Team
SoftMaker Team
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Re: Presenter view not working on NX

Post by SuperTech »

Thanks for your post, but we are unable to reproduce this problem. As you are also not facing this problem when you are using different screen, there might be some problem with your this screen settings/display driver etc.

Please check the settings, reinstall driver or get help from your IT support staff for this external screen problem.

You can also try manually selecting display instead of selecting Auto.

Please also make sure that you have checked the options "Presenter view" in the display settings.
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Re: Presenter view not working on NX

Post by niederfuchs »

I can confirm this is a thing. Some screens/beamers are recognized - some aren't. Operating System Linux Mint recognizes second screens always - however NX doesn't treat all screens/beamers the same way. Some are always working - some are never working. There is an issue with Presentation NX on that. I will try the workaround the previous poster described. But please Softmaker - do look into this as it is kind of annoying...
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Re: Presenter view not working on NX

Post by lgsl »

I have experienced this before and it has nothing to do with SM Presentations, but with the window manager itself. In some, like in Enlightenment, you must tell E that windows can be placed outside useful geometry, otherwise it wont work. I ignore what window manager/desktop are you using but is worth taking a look at it. This happens because SM Presentations is too polite and honours what the wm is telling it, while other programs, like LibreOffice Impress simply ignore what the wm is telling it to do.

Another workaround is moving manually the presentation to the other screen, usually (if not always) the Presenter view is bellow the presentation window.
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Re: Presenter view not working on NX

Post by khuffmanjr »

This is another case where the developer says "We're doing it the right way and nobody else is" but then theirs is the only one that causes problems for THE USER.

Look, I want to love this product....I paid for it. Its the best way to show PPT(X) presentations to a class. But its only 85% there. Besides this problem of presenter view the application also becomes invisible to other Zoom attendees when I share my screen. Really? It just doesn't show up for them.

Maybe we could focus on making it work for users instead of doing it "the right way". In production environments the "right way" is what gets the job done. This app doesn't, at least for me. I wish it did, I really do...its great in so many ways.

Anyway, just thought I would chime in with a me too. I had this presenter problem on Pop OS but I no longer have the problem on Linux Mint. I use a desktop these days so no laptop screens, just two free-standing monitors. My only problem now is the Zoom issue.
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