Fill blank cells with 0

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Fill blank cells with 0

Post by musicnerd1984 »

Hi, everyone.

I am using planmaker as an excel substitute to prepare a large dataset for an analysis on JASP. I have thousands of columns that are comprised of cells that are either blank or 1 (1 if a person has checked an option in a survey). I need blank cells to be 0 so JASP can calculate frequency for either value.

I have tried the "find all and replace" approach by leaving the find value blank and replace value 0. Planmaker returns an error for this, because it wants a value in the search box. I have also tried a spacebar input for the search which also returns the same error.

My next attempt at a solution was to create an IF formula at the top of a column IF(A2=1,1,0). This did return 0s, but did so for EVERY cell, including the 1s.

Can anyone provide a solution? I don't want to have to purchase excel just to fill blanks with 0s.
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Re: Fill blank cells with 0

Post by SuperTech »

Thank you for your post, but this feature is not available, and I have forwarded this as an improvement suggestion.

Meanwhile, as a workaround, you can use this formula =IF(A2=1,1,0) and then replace the cells as values.

I have attached the sample file with this workaround implemented.
Blank to zero sample file.pmdx
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