PPC 2008 Betas

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PPC 2008 Betas

Post by kamikun » Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:53 am

In lieu of a SoftMaker 2008 PPC Beta Forum, I'll just post here and a mod can move it later if need be.

Just noticed the PPC betas go live and will install and play with them this week. I appreciate and use the PC version of SoftMaker Office, but it is the PPC versions that make me break out my wallet.

I've so far given a pass on upgrading to SM Office 2008 because of no PPC version to complement it. Full compatibility between the mobile and desktop version is the most important factor in deciding to pay for an upgrade. That said, now that the mobile version looks due for a release soon can you start talking about package upgrade prices?

Specifically, any idea what price range you're aiming for for SM Office, PC and PPC, if upgraded at the same time?


and LATER: See that the beta boards are now up. I'll cut and paste this to there.

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