CAT software integration: an opportunity for TextMaker

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CAT software integration: an opportunity for TextMaker

Post by Temcat » Fri Oct 12, 2007 11:21 am

Hi, testing Softmaker Office 2008 for Windows currently. It's compatibility and features are simply amazing, and the addition of BasicMaker is most welcome. In this connection, I see an opportunity for TextMaker within the realm of computer aided translation.

Currently, there are essentially no Linux-native professional CAT tools. (OmegaT is not there yet and hardly will make it to the pro league in the near future.) There is, however, Wordfast, which is essentially a Word template with VBA macros. It works in Word under Wine. However, the drawback is that you still have to buy Word and run it non-natively.

Although Softmaker is not in the CAT business, your company could cooperate with Wordfast and assist them with porting their code to BasicMaker. That way, you could reach to the pro translator market segment and become a part of the first fully Linux-native solution for computer aided translation.

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