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SQLite2DBF converter

Post by Michael Uplawski » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:41 am

Good morning.

Almost exactly one year ago, I have programmed a conversion tool which converts SQLite database files to DBF (FoxBase/dBase). The resulting files are compatible and can be used as data-sources with SoftMaker Office. I have a question:

Does that interest anybody, here :mrgreen: ?

Really. I am asking because the conversion of date- and time-values from SQLite to DBF is a little cumbersome. My current solution is to leave a lot of the responspibility to the user of my tool. If I gave up the use of an external modul (the ruby-gem “SHP”) and wrote the dBase-file, myself, in binary format, some of the trouble with date/time fields could be avoided.

My problem is that, having written sqlite2dbf in Ruby and by relying entirely on external code for the actual reading and writing databases, the development was rather quick and “simple”. The sought improvements will take time and add the kind of “seriousness” to my project that I try to avoid these days...

Consequence: If someone else could see the fun in using a conversion tool like this, thus using any of the existing full-blown graphical user-interfaces to define and maintain sqlite-databases to eventually convert them do dBase and use them in SoftMaker Office, the effort could interest me. Otherwise.., no fun, no converter.

If you do not mind installing a Ruby-interpreter and want to test the current version of sqlite2dbf, go here: sqlite2dbf. If you already have ruby and the gem-tool, install it with

Code: Select all

:~$ gem install sqlite2dbf
The dependencies should be downloaded and installed automatically, too. If you want to read the code, go here:
RDoc of SQLite2Dbf.
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