eM Client Pro for Linux

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eM Client Pro for Linux

Post by gragon » Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:48 pm

Are there any plans to release a Linux version of eM Client Pro? If so, please let me know when, so I can plan to throw my money at you :D


SoftMaker Team
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Re: eM Client Pro for Linux

Post by martin-k » Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:49 pm

eM Client is written in .NET and therefore strictly a Windows program. We are looking at ways for providing a different e-mail solution for Linux (in the timeframe of the 2015 release).
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Michael Uplawski
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Re: eM Client Pro for Linux

Post by Michael Uplawski » Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:21 am

Good morning.

I have to plant some trees but am not too keen to dig holes in the rain. So finding this topic, while sitting close to my nice little wood-stove, comes handy.., in a way.

The demand for a Linux MUA to “integrate” in SoftMaker-Office for Linux had amply been discussed in the German speaking forum. As a result of this discussion, I came to understand that there is strictly no lack of mail-clients for Linux, but rather some need for further “integration”, or program-interface or something like that. Can I assume, that the request for a Linux-version of the SoftMaker mail-client originates from the same desire to just simplify the cooperation between office and the mail-system?

My own opinion is that the extension of interoperability-capacities is of more general interest than the exclusive concentration on only email. Several ways to devise such an interface are conceivable, which would also simplify the “integration” of an existing mail-user-agent. As an example, existing CSV-import capacities were mentioned 1), which points at other forms of data-storage that could be considered, too. Whatever.

I am using SoftMaker office, only because the available free word-processors (Libre, not just “free of charge”), are currently not working sufficiently well for my needs. TextMaker does. But interoperability between genuine and free Linux-programs is in general easier to establish, than is the case with the SoftMaker office-suite. I would rather like to see the discussion of a mail-client put in this context, than regularly read demands for yet another mail-client for Linux.

Additional information: (February 2015): I am deploring the lack of support for terminal-applications. My mail-program is Mutt, meaning, that I cannot even rely on my MUA to open mailto-links from a SoftMaker document. This lack of interoperability will not make me replace the [YouTube-Mode]Best Mail-Client Ever[YouTube-Mode off] against a Mono-Monster (or worse).


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1) Edit: corrected/replaced the blue section, as my memory had failed me on that one.
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