Sidebar issues

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Sidebar issues

Post by ChrisV »

Hi, I've been using SoftMaker for a little while now. I am so thankful for presentations, as I need to edit powerpoint files for work.

Anyway, recently all the editing tools on the sidebar disappeared. When I click on text, there should be options to change the font, size, bullets, etc. Or when I click on an image, there should be options to adjust the size, position, rotate, and such.
These options have disappeared. I can only find slide layout, color, background, design, transitions, and animations. I can't format images without right clicking and opening another window.

Any idea how to get it back?
SoftMaker Team
SoftMaker Team
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Re: Sidebar issues

Post by SuperTech »

Thank you for your post. These options were never in sidebar, but they are actually part of different ribbons like Home, picture etc.
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