How can =SUM(G19:G30) be 'unknown function'?

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Tomas E
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How can =SUM(G19:G30) be 'unknown function'?

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I added =SUM(G19:G30) into a a cell and got the error message below. The format for the cell as well as the cells in the formula is [mm]:ss,00]. The only thing I come to think of is that PlanMaker is unable to calculate the sum of time formats.

(I make a rough translation since I'm not sure of what it says in the English version of PlanMaker.)
Unknown function.

Note: Inaccurate formulas must be corrected before saving the workbook (worksheet?).
unknown function.png
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Re: How can =SUM(G19:G30) be 'unknown function'?

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You are using PlanMaker in Swedish, so the function is called SUMMA. Just like in Excel.
Martin Kotulla
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