Activation problem

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Activation problem

Post by Woody44 »

I have purchased SoftMaker Office Professional 2021 and the upgrade to SoftMaker Office Professional 2024, which I have installed on a couple of primary computers. (All just for me -- I am a widower and I live alone.)

I just purchased an older (Windows 7) laptop that I have been trying to get working. I had to reinstall Windows, which wiped out any software the previous owner might have installed. I want to put FreeOffice 2021 on it, at least for now. I downloaded FreeOffice 2021 a couple of years ago, and I have an activation key. When I tried to activate FreeOffice on this "new" computer, I got a message that the activation code has been used too many times.

I don't know what other computers I have it on. When I look at my account, I don't even see a record of having downloaded it.

What should I do? Can you send me a new activation code? Should I try again to activate, and request an activation code when I am blocked from activating? This is new -- I haven't encountered this with SoftMaker packages before.

Thank you.

P.S. The reason I bought this "new" (to me) old laptop is that I want to try to become familiar with Linux. I have downloaded FreeOffice 2021 for Linux. Do I use the same activation code I use for Windows, or does a Linux installation get a separate activation code?
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Re: Activation problem

Post by SuperTech »

Yes, please request for a new activation code.
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