Dual installation?

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Dual installation?

Post by Woody44 »

I have purchased FlexiPDF 2022, but I have kept FlexiPDF 2019 on my primary computer because I don't care for the ribbon interface. It interferes with my work flow.

However, there are some features in FlexiPDF that are not available in FlexiPDF 2019. On some occasions, it would be nice to have access to those features. Is it possible to have both versions installed at the same time? I have been able to install FreePDF 2.1.0 and FreePDF 2022 v. 3.0.8 and they seem to coexist without conflict. Can I do the same with FlexiPDF?
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Re: Dual installation?

Post by Jossi »

On my computer, FlexiPDF 2019 and 2022 coexist peacefully, no problems so far.
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