Classic menu still available?

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Re: Classic menu still available?

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Woody44 wrote: Sun Apr 24, 2022 8:11 am Respectfully, that's not at all close to a traditional menu. A traditional ("classic") menu uses text, not icons.
It depends on how you to define "close". :)
When you minimize the ribbon, there are only text labels left, except the quick access bar which corresponds with the toolbar in SoftMaker Office. Only when you open a group tab, icons come up (albeit combined with the names in text form).

But in my case, also in Softmaker Office (where I use the classic menu, of course) I use toolbar icons for most of my actions. YMMV. :)
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Re: Classic menu still available?

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I use the text labels. I can't operate without them.

That's one major reason why I can't stand the Chrome browser -- it's icon based. The only reason I can use Firefox is that I was able to get a customized .CSS file that gives me back text labels for the toolbar icons.
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