Can't swap monitors in presentation

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Can't swap monitors in presentation

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Trying Softmaker again after a few years but I still have the same problem that drove me away before. I can't display the presentation on second monitor and the presenter's view on the primary monitor. And when I show the presentation on the primary monitor and the presenter's view on the second monitor, I can't swap monitors. The option is greyed out.

When I engaged support a few years ago they said my distro (Pop OS) didn't describe monitors correctly and promptly refunded my money. LibreOffice, however, gets this right. The only problem with Libre is that PPT files look like hot garbage on linux.

Has anyone gotten this to work right? Has anyone been able to show the full-screen presentation on either display with the presenter's view on the opposite one?

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Re: Can't swap monitors in presentation

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This is an issue with your Window Manager. The Window Manager is telling Presentations it can not be placed "outside" of useful geometry (outside the current screen) and Presentations being polite honors it. LibreOffice simply ignores this. You have two options:
1. Configure your Window Manager so it does not do this anymore. You may want to check man pages for your window manager.
2. Create a rule for Presentations in your window manager (assuming it allows it, some like kwin, fvwm, enlightenment do) so it forces windows to be place in your desired monitor
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