Hyphenation settings

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Hyphenation settings

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I am currently working with Presentations 2021 on a presentation.
  • I started with a standard template
  • Selected the page layout "Title and content"
  • Typed some paragraphs of text into the text box
  • Selected the entire textbox, opened the Format > Paragraph dialog and set Hyphenation to "always"
  • Afterwards a couple of hyphens were added
  • I saved the presentation, closed it and then re-opened it to find that all hyphens were gone.
What am I supposed to do to make a chosen hyphenation become persistent?
Please find a test case attached:
(146.32 KiB) Downloaded 5 times
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Re: Hyphenation settings

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Thanks for reporting this problem. I was able to reproduce it and forwarded the details to our developer team.
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