Import CSV into existing spreadsheet

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Import CSV into existing spreadsheet

Post by holoperson » Sat Jun 19, 2021 6:10 am

I can't find any information on this here or in the manual.
I'd like importing to work like this:

Select a cell (say A200).
Go to menu item - File- Import (does not currently exist)
This would open a Windows file chooser window
Select the CSV file.
Go through the existing "open CSV" dialog and make your choices - no need to change widths, data types or specify a headings row.
The CSV would import beginning at selected cell (eg A200).
Column widths, data types (date, currency etc) would be retained from the spreadsheet. Think of the CSV being merged with the existing spreadsheet.
If the first row of the CSV contained headings, they would be treated like normal data. You could delete the heading row after importing if you didn't want them.
If the selected cell (A200) wasn't at the end of the sheet, rows would automatically be inserted to accommodate the CSV.

At the moment, unless I've missed something, this doesn't seem possible in Planmaker 2021.

The current workaround is to open the CSV in a new sheet, insert enough rows in the existing sheet to accommodate the CSV data if it's not being added at the end, then copy-paste the data into the existing sheet, then delete the new sheet.
Importing would be nice!

Also nice would be, when you choose "insert cells" to insert rows, a dialog that enabled you to specify how many rows you wanted to insert. (Same for columns). The current method echoes Excel, but it is fairly clumsy, relying as it does on powers of 2 to insert multiple rows.


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Re: Import CSV into existing spreadsheet

Post by SuperTech » Thu Jun 24, 2021 11:44 am

Thanks for your suggestion. I have forwarded this request to our product management...

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