Question about "Page background" color

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Question about "Page background" color

Post by Patrick » Sun Feb 07, 2021 5:46 pm


In TextMaker, when going to Format -> Page background it allows one to set the page background color. When setting a color, it alters the document; meaning if that is all one changes in a document, it will request you to save upon closing. However, if you open that very document (for example saved as .docx) in another word processor, these won't register the change and won't display a different background color. I understand all this, but my question is as follows: what does it change in the document and could/would it ever be problematic for another word processor to open such a modified document? In other words, is there a risk of compatibility loss?

I am imagining this function in TextMaker is solely for the eye comfort of the writer, since it doesn't translate to other processors or when converted to PDF. If so, I kind of like the approach of Atlantis Word Processor better, which allows you to customize a color scheme *regardless of document* and that won't affect the actual documents.

Comments, thoughts?
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Re: Question about "Page background" color

Post by SuperTech » Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:35 pm

Thanks for reporting this problem. I am unable to reproduce this problem as Word is able to show these changes. Please share the associated file of TextMaker 2021 in which you are getting this problem so that we can do further investigation for resolution.

If you want to send it to us privately, please e-mail us at the forum[at]

Please also include the forum URL of this topic so that we can trace your e-mail.

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