Two Suggestions

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Two Suggestions

Post by deltanick » Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:50 pm

I use TextMaker on my Macs and on a Linux laptop. I believe my suggestions apply to ALL versions of TextMaker:

1. Invisibles, such as spaces and paragraph markers, should be in another color, rather than the standard black. Virtually ALL other popular word processors default invisibles to blue, so the user can easily see that the item is an invisible. Suggest invisibles in blue, or user's choice of color.

2. I cannot type in my document while the "Search" dialog is open. I must close the "Search" box in nearly every instance, then open it again. I have never seen this is any other word processor, all of which allow the user to continue to type/enter text while the "Find" dialog box is open. Suggest this be changed, as the lack of this feature requires several steps more than in other word processors.

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