Textmaker 2018 no images on network share

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Textmaker 2018 no images on network share

Post by mcolligan » Wed May 16, 2018 8:19 pm

When I open a document that resides on a network share (cifs) the images in the document aren't displayed. Only the frames where they should be. I should add this is a docx file. This worked fine previously on a Fedora 27 installation but not on my new installation of Fedora 28. If I copy the document locally it displays the pictures fine. Libreoffice displays the images within document fine when opening the document on network share.

Thoughts, ideas?

Oh, latest 2018, version 928, 64 bit.


SoftMaker Team
SoftMaker Team
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Re: Textmaker 2018 no images on network share

Post by sven-l » Wed May 23, 2018 8:34 am

Please try again with the new revision 931 that we released yesterday:
Sven Leßmann
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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