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PlanMaker and PowerShell

Post by EricC » Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:07 pm


So I am playing around with PlanMaker and PowerShell. I am basing some of this code off code I have from a PowerShell script to enumerate AD groups and populate an Excel spreadsheet. Starting small, I thought I would create the spreadsheet and autofit the column.

$groupName = 'somereallylongname'
$row = 1
$column = 1
$pmSpreadsheet = New-Object -ComObject PlanMaker.Application
$pmSpreadsheet.Visible = $True
$workbook = $pmSpreadsheet.Workbooks.Add()
$worksheet = $workbook.ActiveSheet
$worksheet.Cells.Item($row, $column).Value = $groupName

If run the above code in a PowerShell console everything works up until the AutoFit. Which throws the following message:

void AutoFit ()

I converted the code to BasicScript, ran it in the BasicScript editor, and everything works as expected.

Any ideas?


W10 1903 x64
SMO2018 x64 Rev970

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