Quick acc ess toolbar + Ribbon

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Quick acc ess toolbar + Ribbon

Post by victorlage » Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:02 pm

Greetings, I finally decided to move to the Ribbon, it is much nicer though it takes a bit more of the screen room. However, I took the time to configure the Quick access toolbar for the sake of making it possible to have the ribbon hid in most of the time. Some suggestions:

- Is it possible to generate some export feature, so as to "Save" and "reinsert" those configurations in another copy of Textmaker (so as not to have to repeat the configuration, icon by icon, in another copy of TextMaker on another computer)?
- It would be nice to have the possibility to expand the Quick Acess toolbar into two lines of icons, whenever needed to accommodate a bigger number of icons (particularly on the pen drive version). I had to pick and "choose out" some icons because they won´t all fit into the shorter screens.
- Yeah, I know, it is supposed to be a "quick" access toolbar...

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

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Re: Quick acc ess toolbar + Ribbon

Post by ecbritz » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:49 pm

I don't think its possible to export a particular, individual configuration of the Quick Access bar to other computers. But that is my guess.

It seems to me that the new arrangement of control buttons has two purposes.

Firstly, the arrangement can be customized to suit the needs or priorities of the individual user. For instance, if you usually insert a lot of frames and pictures into your documents, you might want the "Insert Object" button in your Quick Access bar. You would probably put the "Footnote" button in the bar if you write academic papers. Or the "Add index entry" button if you write instruction manuals.

Secondly, your work speed (formatting speed) should increase if your have most of the controls you usually use, right in front of you, rather than in menu's. As you get accustomed to your personal configuration of control buttons, you should pick up speed.

The size (height) of the arrangement of control buttons is not an issue. If you need to see more of the document on your screen, you simply have to toggle the little "up or down" arrow in the top right corner of your screen (next to the question mark, opening Help). The idea of two Quick Access bars has merit. But you don't need it to see more of your document. In fact, you would see less of your document.

For my personal needs, I use the "Home" tab in combination with a particular configuration of the Quick Access bar. Should I need a control I don't have in front of me, I dip into the trusty Hamburger menu, rather than flip to other tabs. You use or invent an arrangement of controls to suit yourself, that's what it is all about -- I think.
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