Too many choices!

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Too many choices!

Post by Woody44 » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:41 pm

I'll be asking a bunch of stupid questions about fonts, so please be patient. I am attempting to self-publish a couple of book projects. Between print-on-demand, the two e-book formats (.MOBI and .EPUB), and PDF, font licensing is a major concern. It wasn't on my radar when I purchased MegaFonts Now, but using MegaFonts Now fonts appears to resolve any issues that might arise if I download fonts from some of the "free" fonts sites and inadvertently use a font in a book that's only licensed for personal (not commercial) use.

I have read innumerable articles about book font selection and found that some of the fonts that are on everyone's list are fonts that I already like and consider to be classics, such as Baskerville and Garamond. (I guess that's why they are classics.) The project I am getting ready to publish was done using MegaFonts Baskerville Nova Pro.

For the next project I am considering Garamond. The problem is, which Garamond? In the MegaFonts Now collection I find: Garamond Elegant Pro, Garamond No7 Pro, Garamond Nova Pro, Garamond Original Pro, Garamond Pro, and Garamond Serial. YIKES! The book will be non-fiction. How can I decide which of all these versions of Garamond to install for the project? My computer already has installed a font called simply "Garamond." I believe that is from Microsoft, either from Windows or from Microsoft Office. Is that sufficient for a book project, or should I use one of the "Pro" versions from the MegaFonts Now collection? If so, which one? What are the differences among Garamond Nova Pro, Garamond Original Pro, and Garamond Pro?

Thank you.

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