Savoy Italic font

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Savoy Italic font

Post by pedrober »

If I use the italic version of the font, the resulting text is longer than the same text in the regular font. I know that Jan Tschichold designed the first version of Sabon (for traditional print) with the same size for texts in regular and italic font, but longer texts in italic is really odd. Am I wrong?
To get the same horizontal size of texts in both styles, it's necessary to apply a -25% tracking to the italic font.
Curiously, this doesn't happen with the version of the same font sold by Fontspring. See:
The same applies to the bold style.
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Re: Savoy Italic font

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Thanks for your post. We/SoftMaker are not the designers of the fonts. We are providing the fonts only as they came from the the manufacturers.

I have forwarded the details to the font provider...
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