How to get FreeOffice 2018?

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How to get FreeOffice 2018?

Post by Woody44 »

I have a friend in another country who wanted to take my advice and try FreeOffice. However, he can't install it. It turns out that FreeOffice 2021 for MacOS requires version 10.12 or higher. His iMAC is on release 10.11 and can't be undated to any higher version.

Is there a way he can get a copy of FreeOffice 2018 (or 2016) for MacOS? The download page for FreeOffice 2021 only offers version 2021, with no option to download an older version.

Thank you.
SoftMaker Team
SoftMaker Team
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Re: How to get FreeOffice 2018?

Post by SuperTech »

Thanks for suggesting FreeOffice to your friend. As we have already released FreeOffice 2021, there is no support available for FreeOffice 2018.

But if he still wants to use FreeOffice 2018 without support, here is the link for you: FreeOffice 2018 for Mac
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