Add StartupWMClass to .desktop files

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Add StartupWMClass to .desktop files

Post by jaygambrel »

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to make this request. When I start TextMaker xprop lists WM_CLASS(STRING) = "tm", "tm" and so the icon for TextMaker doesn't display properly in my dock in Gnome. I added StartupWMClass = tm in the freeoffice-textmaker.desktop file in /usr/share/applications.

This fixed the problem, but I'm guessing that it will break on updates if the .desktop files are overwritten. Any chance you could add StartupWMClass entries to the .desktop files so they will display properly in Gnome?
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Re: Add StartupWMClass to .desktop files

Post by SuperTech »

You can make a copy of this file and then make the desired changes. On update, your this copy of the file will retain changes.
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