Wayland support and/or user interface sizes

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Wayland support and/or user interface sizes

Post by strangenoises » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:20 pm

It appears that FreeOffice is only using x11, and so in a wayland session it's running in xwayland. This is usually not a problem, especially as it works just fine fullscreen. (xwayland apps show themselves up by having black blocks appearing ahead of where the window's going while resizing).

But it all shows itself up rather more when using a fractional scaling factor, like 150%. In that situation the user interface at size "normal" is the size you want it to be, but having been bitmap-scaled to 150%, looks blurry. Go to "large" and it's sharp, but way too big.

Ideally, absolutely ideally, it would be great if FreeOffice/SoftOffice could support Wayland sessions natively. Then this probably all gets looked after - including that you would be able to tell what the scaling factor should be and just apply it rather than leave it to the user to select.

Possible mitigation: The user interface sizes of "Normal", "Large" and "Extra Large" aren't that useful. I think they relate to 100%, 200% and 300%? If they could be actually labelled as such... and maybe one or two more added, like 150%?

Thunderbird 68 finally has wayland support so this problem is fixed for that, which is why I'm trying it again. Just this and Slack (and probably any electron apps) left, that i have on my screen a lot... [-o<

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Re: Wayland support and/or user interface sizes

Post by miguel-c » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:40 pm

Hi, I've forwarded your question to the developers. Thank you for your feedback.

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