Large mail files on Thunderbird?

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Large mail files on Thunderbird?

Post by plastic_palmtree » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:40 am

Being new to Softmaker Office, was wondering if anyone has experience with large mail files on the Softmaker version of Thunderbird. I've always avoided moving to Thunderbird in the past, as the maximum recommended size of the mail file was not recommended to grow beyond 2GB. It was suggested that the mail file could corrupt if larger than 2GB.

My mail file is around 11GB at present. This is fine on MS Outlook, but far as I know Outlook is the only local mail client that supports large mail databases. I would like to move away from it however.

Have Softmaker improved Thunderbird in this area also or is it stock Thunderbird behind the scenes?

Many thanks for any info / experiences out there!

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Re: Large mail files on Thunderbird?

Post by martin-k » Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:59 am

"The" mail file as such does not exist. Each folder is an independent file, and they can grow to 2 GByte each.

If that is still a limit for you, there are two approaches:

- use IMAP without local caching. The e-mails are kept on the server, and there is no local file size limit.
- use the (relatively new) maildir approach when creating your account. Then each e-mail can be up to 2 GByte in size.
Martin Kotulla
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