Features and settings of FreeOffice

General questions and answers about FreeOffice 2024 for Mac. Don't post application-specific questions here, but in the appropriate subforum.
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Re: Features and settings of FreeOffice

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No, this feature is not included in FreeOffice 2024, but we have ChatGPT integrated in SoftMaker Office NX Universal (implemented in a privacy-aware way).

For complete details, please visit our website.
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Re: Features and settings of FreeOffice

Post by Woody44 »

kittymacaron wrote: Sat Jul 06, 2024 12:31 am Does FreeOffice 2024 (or any other year) have automatic AI training embedded in it? Are documents used to train AI or might they be used this way in future? Those of who no longer want Microsoft to use our documents to do this are looking for an alternative with better security and privacy guarantees, as there is no exemption or opt-out option in Microsoft.
Not that I am a Microsoft fan boy (I'm definitely not), but what do you mean "there is no exemption or opt-out option in Microsoft"?

Microsoft Office is a software suite. I have used it for years at work and (until I discovered FreeOffice and SoftMaker Office) at home for both personal use and in my consulting practice. Every document and file I create, whether using one of the Microsoft Office programs or using one of the SoftMaker Office programs, is saved to and stored on MY computer. Microsoft has no access to it -- unless they hack my computer, bypass my firewall and security software, and steal my files.

What makes you think Microsoft (or anyone else) is using your documents to train AI?
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