Full ribbon customization

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Full ribbon customization

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Do you have any plans top offer full ribbon customization as currently it's too limited to be useful on a small screen: I don't need full long names for most of the buttons, and you don't need many of the buttons at all.

Also you could have a button react differently to a single tap, double tap, hold. This way you could have a single button for styling: single tap bold, double tap italic, triple underline and hold for extra.
Or size: single tap to increase, double to decrease, hold to insert a specific number

Or you could do what some keyboards do: swipe a button up to increase, swipe down to decrease

It would also be great to be able to do customization on a computer as editing on a phone is painful and then simply importing it onn a phone
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Re: Full ribbon customization

Post by SuperTech »

Although there are no plans for this currently, I have forwarded it as an improvement suggestion.
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