The "Save a Copy" command

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The "Save a Copy" command

Post by francis »

Hi there,

Notepad3 has a very useful command called "Save a Copy". It is used to quickly save, in another location, a copy of the document which is being edited.

Back in 2009, I even suggested to Florian Balmer (the developer of Notepad2) to "pin" the folder when the user invokes the command for the first time in the current session. This way, the use have to choose the folder used to save his copies only once (in each editing session). He implemented my suggestion in Notepad2 and it still works this ways nowadays, in Notepad3.

Of course I'm aware of the existence of automatic backups of SoftMaker Office...

But when I use Notepad3 I feel very comfortable using the "Save a Copy" command to quickly save my work in a thumb drive, and I'd be very pleased if I could use the same command in future versions of SoftMaker Office.

I hope you like this suggestion, which is very simple to implement and very useful.

Thank you.
SoftMaker Team
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Re: The "Save a Copy" command

Post by miguel-c »

Thanks, I have forwarded your suggestion internally.
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