Planmaker in combination with Goodsync

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Planmaker in combination with Goodsync

Post by Adri »

With great pleasure I am trying Planmaker on the Ipad(v15.4.1). Not everything is clear to me intuitively, but I can save files without problems using GoodSync. this report at the direction of topic Textmaker/iCloud.
What I have to think about is that when I save the file, I also have to click on move. Compliments to the developers!
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Re: Planmaker in combination with Goodsync

Post by SuperTech »

Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback.
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Re: Planmaker in combination with Goodsync

Post by razazaidi1 »

In my case I am not using goodsync but just the planmaker File Save Feature

If I save a file by just using the Blue Diskette icon everything is okay

But if I use the "File / Save as" option, I am first presented with a screen where I have to select the File Type (such as *pmdx or *.xlsx, etc) and after selecting File Type I am taken to the next screen with the MOVE Icon on the top right corner

Selecting Move saves the file but the problem is that most of the time it does not replace the original file but rather creates a new file with and added number. Say if the original file was "Text.xlsx" then this file will be named as "Test 1.xlsx" and the original "Test.xlsx" will also be there
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