sorting with thumbnails

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sorting with thumbnails

Post by RMerchant »

I have a multipage document that I need to resort many of the pages. Drag and drop is the necessary solution.

The thumbnails sidebar has only a single long column of thumbnails. It would be better if the thumbnails were in multiple columns filling up the available space (the way I see it in Acrobat).

Can I configure the view this way?

Thanks Richard
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Re: sorting with thumbnails

Post by miguel-c »

I have forwarded your suggestion...
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Re: sorting with thumbnails

Post by GreyHunter »

At work I use acrobat but do not want to pay the inflated price for home use. I work with large pdf documents that can contain hundreds of pages with mixed media on each page. (Graphics, text, links, etc. ). When I have to resort a document I find the current thumbnail view limited as it will only display as a single column. An added functionality of multiple columns along with resizing the thumbnails would be useful and make re-ordering a large pdf document much easier and less cumbersome.

Also of note, when I have two files open in Flexi (Separate Instances) there is not a copy page or drag & drop function that spans across the instances. Working visually with drag & drop is much easier and quicker than using the insert function (from another document).

No real question here unless there is a way I am not seeing. I am not trying to do a side by side comparison since I sometimes may have more than two files open by an order of magnitude.
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Re: sorting with thumbnails

Post by Woody44 »

I don't use thumbnails very often so I hadn't noticed this, but after reading this discussion I did some checking. Not only do Abobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader allow the display of multiple columns of thumbnails if the thumbnail panel is dragged wider, so does the free FoxIt Reader and the free Bluebeam Vu reader. FlexiPDF is lagging behind the competition on this.

Even better would be if FlexiPDF could allow re-ordering of pages by dragging and dropping within the thumbnail panel.

I know it has only been a few days since SoftMaker announced that it is taking over development of future FlexiPDF development so we probably can't expect missing features to be added by the end of the month. Is there any timeline for when a new version will be available, and what missing features will be implemented by SoftMaker?
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Re: sorting with thumbnails

Post by SuperTech »

I have forwarded these improvement suggestions again.
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