FlexiPDF not opening from other Programs

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FlexiPDF not opening from other Programs

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my FlexiPDF is working pretty fine and opening PDFs when I click on them.

But not when I try to open them from 3rd party Progams like Word.
Example: If I save a Word document and select .pdf as file, also enable "open file after saving", Word saves the pdf but gives me an alert that no tool for opening is installed.
This happens with many other programs as well.

It that a know problem or maybe alerady a solution for it?

Greetings :)
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Re: FlexiPDF not opening from other Programs

Post by SuperTech »

Thanks for your post. It seems you didn't make FlexiPDF as your default PDF program.

To do that, please follow these easy steps:
1. Right click on any PDF file in File explorer.
2. Select "Open with".
3. Select "Choose another program".
4. Check the last option, "Always use this app to open .pdf files".
5. Select FlexiPDF from the list and press OK.

Hopefully, this will solve your problem.
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