Save UI State, Zoom Level, etc

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Save UI State, Zoom Level, etc

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Probably a lot to ask, but is there some way to save the state of the UI, i.e. fullscreen mode, size/position of any floating toolbars, zoom level/position of the sheets, etc., when the the workbook is saved/loaded? I have a couple of utility xlsx spreadsheets created in Excel 2010 on the desktop that don't require any interaction with the Planmaker UI on my phone, and it takes a fair bit of fiddling every time I load one to get things sized/positioned just right, uncluttered with ui elements, etc. Also, if there is any way to lock the app in landscape mode, that would be enormously useful.
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Re: Save UI State, Zoom Level, etc

Post by miguel-c »

Unfortunately no, but I've forwarded your feature idea.
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