Testing on 2 devices

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Testing on 2 devices

Post by jrwf53 » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:04 am

I've installed Text maker on my Android phone (Mate 20X) and tablet (Mi Pad 4). So far, although the layout is different, both have worked flexibly and well in rendering the Soft maker intro document.

In fact, so far, I prefer it to other mobile alternatives I've used: WPS and MS Word, for instance. This is because the face is clean, the toolbar manageable, the flow button really helpful on the phone version, inserting of simple elements such as pictures is easy and effective. I've yet to try more complex operations like citations and other elements. But the layout of these on existing documents is, so far, flawless.

There does need to be a greater range of cloud storage options: I commonly use Box, pCloud and Mega, for instance because Dropbox free version is now limited and Google Drive is fine but there need to be other alternatives.

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