Tab bar - opened document tab bar

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Tab bar - opened document tab bar

Post by kampion998 »

under my toolbars is an open documents tab bar.

can this be hidden?

on my tiny windows 8 netbook, i need all the room for the actual document i am working on. the tabs are not needed as i am only working on the one document, i also hope this is not in the android version, since it would pretty much mean i would not see more than one line of the document.
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Re: Tab bar - opened document tab bar

Post by SuperTech »

Thanks for your post. Currently, this option is not available, but I have forwarded this as an improvement suggestion to our product management.

I have moved your post to the appropriate forum.
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Re: Tab bar - opened document tab bar

Post by Woody44 »

Oh, yes. PLEASE make that tab bar optional!

I know some people like to keep a bazillion documents open simultaneously, and they use the tabs to navigate among them. Personally, I HATE tabs, and I turn them off whenever and wherever possible in everything except my browser. I use Thunderbird as my e-mail client, and that also defaults to showing a tab bar. It's not easy, but it can be disabled in Thunderbird, and I have done so.

When TextMaker allows disabling the tab bar, I will disable it in a heartbeat. Please make this a top priority. It should be just another option in the pop-up (or drop-down, if you prefer) menu box that opens when you right click on any of the toolbars.

Reminder to SoftMaker: This has been a request for some time.
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