Can't get rid of hyphenation

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Can't get rid of hyphenation

Post by LorenClayton » Tue May 04, 2021 3:30 am

This is becoming very frustrating. I've followed the directions here:

if you wish that all of your future new documents have hyphenation off:
1.create a new blank document
2.right click the blank area
3. Paragraph style
4. Normal
5. Edit...
6. Text Flow
7. Hyphenation: None
8. Save the document as your default template: normal.tmvx

I did all this. I saved the blank document to my default template folder (in my case, documents, softmaker, templates, english, normal.tmvx) but each time I open a new document hyphenation is set to always. Please help with this. I'm using the free version.

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