Making the next office platform ever undrafted

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Making the next office platform ever undrafted

Post by abyskaria » Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:00 pm

I have some ideas and would like your view points making it better. Please do note that the description is presented in the most concise manner so that everyone can reapply their views to make it still better.

1. Sometimes this office rework must be intermingled with Speech to text platform. For standard users only their personal linguistic communication can be entertained to work with due diligence. Enhancing this environment we will have cloud storage lifetime for premium users. Everything secure as only their is a good online avatar that monitor what helps managing every user single user interface so agile that it is recreated in a single click.

2. I like to rework on some online research that takes me into every media I am connected with any online platform. If we can make some bilingual alerts for such research key ideas and related submissions I cannot be overloaded to count on with time. It would help me save time daily with what I am working on. Today google alerts is only a simple substitute with limited offers.

3. Sometimes I would like everything to be saved some remote location only I can access through Softmaker office and shred everything from local storage often happening simultaneously wherever I am working so that I will be alerted if any intrusion so happens stealing my copyrighted work. This office will make every updations for all complete package it can offer.

4. Now into some unique features. Unthinkable expressions can be stimulated through managing teamwork through a secure link. Earning money through shortened text visits for people interested in the universal appeal Again I would like something new for "word". Remodeling a new document can save my time if I can view its different presentation only by providing information and such multiple drafts is governed by separate background preview for each page. Some addons will work exactly like photoshop and help me uniquely tailor handwork on scanned text ocrs. This can be guided through auto-speech corrections. Sometimes it will be unique how I can redraft or generate any offline content that helps me improve my typing speeds remarkably with this software. Always using many software for different purposes just make my system more heavy so I can also check my grammar in any language through the purchased addon from softmaker. If in the simple trend we can make office extension helps us improve our daily language styles, can this "word" software have something uncommon anywhere I have never found? Telling me a script I want to find with complete draft. It makes the quote for attention an eye-catching emotion that speaks from the way the entire mechanism can generate the unlocked language. Gaining more information that make the global innovation come with our likes and dislikes. If I consider there are some patterns in my daily routine that makes it more successive in the later trends, can we not remodel the way we want for each such office package? May be I can screen a big ebook or multiple of it within seconds and let my practice with this office software for the next trend. How do we do this is not a miracle but how some fundamentals of brain science can make the human innovation rethink in daily practice? I have made my ideas very concise. There is nothing heavier than the giants who can make my suggestions rework anywhere.

5. If I can have the best ideas make my daily note, from the above, I feel my entire day must start when I submit my daily work to reap such advantage for all the moment I will try to recall the above note. I must make my entire windows system reengineer this idealism everywhere I like the softmaker has a new message. I would say it is a simple thought. Dont be confused. I would say when I start my windows, this office will be predefined to make its launch with newer initiatives.

Please dont feel bad about this. This is only some of my personal innovations. I hope you will appreciate my good expressions.

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