Headers and Footers?

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Headers and Footers?

Post by Woody44 » Sun Jan 10, 2021 9:30 pm

There seems to be a disconnect between the program, and the on-line user manual.

I have FlexiPDF Pro 2019. Suppoedly, this version allows me to insert and edit headers and footers. If I go to the on-line user manual, it describes how to do this. I found it by searching on "Headers" and the first search result is for "Formatting."

The path for this as given at the top of the article is Page operations/Numbering/Bates.

When I go into the program, there is no menu selection for "Page operations." If I look at the menu for "Pages," my choices are:
  • Insert new
  • Insert from document
  • Insert from scanner
  • Extract
  • Delete
  • Replace
  • Rotate
  • Resize
  • Re-order
  • Auto crop
  • Remove crop
  • Margins
  • Labels
There is nothing here about Page operations, or about Numbering, or about Bates. And, of course, nothing about headers and footers. What is the path to get to the headers and footers operation?

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Re: Headers and Footers?

Post by SuperTech » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:18 am

Page operations/Numbering/Bates is not the menu navigation which is mentioned in the online help, but it's the navigation of the user manual. As per manual File > Bates Numbering is the menu option. Please refer ChoosingPDFs and then Formatting.

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