Please reconsider officially supporting the Linux version running on WINE.

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Please reconsider officially supporting the Linux version running on WINE.

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According to this: ... ine#p58189
The testing that was done on FlexiPDF running on Linux through WINE was discontinued because the results were not up to the customers' expectations.

The software seems to run perfectly fine on WINE as far as I've tested. It seems to also provide all .dll libraries in the .exe package itself, which is good practice for running on WINE. Were there that many issues with it during beta testing, and if so, which were major ones?

As a translator who works on Linux, I believe this software is absolutely invaluable because of its translation functionality. FlexiPDF and Infix were the only pieces of software I could find that target translators specifically. The difference being that Softmaker would be the only solution for Linux that includes a full office suite + a PDF editor that allows to export to CAT tools and re-import it back, while Iceni's Infix turned its originally product-oriented, imbued translation functionality into a subscription model and essentially monopolized this niche, having even partnered with CAT tools for integrated functionality. If FlexiPDF were to be ported to Linux or, most likely, officially supported through WINE (Infix does that), I think it would be a mostly unexplored and competitive area that would be great for the company.

I personally appreciate that this company invested on Linux with SoftmakerOffice, which is why I paid for this software. I believe many other Linux users would be willing to pay for it as well. Some help with testing and improving compatibility on WINE could also be provided by the community, if people were to know about it (as the original testing was restricted to Germany first and never made it internationally). Moreover, good PDF editors are scarce on Linux and barely any companies provide any solutions on the platform (mostly Iceni with Infix and CodeIndustry with MasterPDF).
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Re: Please reconsider officially supporting the Linux version running on WINE.

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With WINE, it is neither possible to make the FlexiPDF printer driver available to Linux applications nor to access scanners via SANE. These are two feature limitations that take away a lot of FlexiPDF's appeal. We were going to use winelib instead of standalone Wine, and that proved not 100% stable either.

Some of our customers use FlexiPDF with WINE under Linux and we heard good words about it, but that is not good enough for us to make FlexiPDF + winelib an official port. We might run into unsolvable problems later, and that would be really bad with a commercial product already out. We had such a troubled port with DataMaker for OS/2 many eons ago and don't want to repeat the experience.
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