Radio buttons

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Radio buttons

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I am not so slowly being driven mad by trying to get six pairs of radio buttons to behave properly. I found that it was better to define the buttons first and then the properties, rather than doing the properties as I created the buttons. I have spent several hours on this ***** form and now have evidence of opening the same form twice - at first it will show the radio buttons and the next time it won't! I also found that clicking a button in the same column (rather than in the same row) deselected the first button - which it shouldn't!

I saved a working file yesterday evening, intending to finish it off today, but when I opened it, there were no buttons! I opened the file again later and there they ****ing were! ;-) I've attached a copy of the file but just looked at it again and the button names and group names have disappeared!

Any suggestions as to what (if anything) I'm doing wrong would be appreciated, please!

Thanks, Sam
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Re: Radio buttons

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Thanks for reporting this problem. I have forwarded it to our product management...
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