Security Master password problem

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Security Master password problem

Post by Fabian_S »

I set the Master password for change security options only (prevent for printing, copying, etc.). I didn't set User password for opening document.
When I open PDF document in any PDF Readers then the password is required to view document. When I entered Master password then I can view document. This behaviour is not correct. User password is empty - not set in FlexiPDF 2019, so why the reader ask me for password when I open the document? When I delete Master password, then I can view document without asking for a password, but document is not protected.
I suppose that something working wrong in the Security options in FlexiPDF 2019 software. Can you correct this behaviour?
I use version 2.1.0 Win.
Regards, Fabian
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Re: Security Master password problem

Post by miguel-c »

I wasn't able to reproduce the problem. All works well on my end.
I created the attached file in FlexiPDF and then I used these following options:
security settings.PNG
security settings.PNG (11.71 KiB) Viewed 103 times
master password: 1234

I then opened the file in Adobe Reader and Google Chrome and it didn't ask for any password.
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