Feature set reduction from 2016?

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Feature set reduction from 2016?

Post by zanzibear » Thu May 17, 2018 9:21 pm

I"m an old time fan of SoftMaker Office (dating back to 2006) and use and deploy FreeOffice frequently. Today I've installed FreeOffice 2018, and just looked at the feature comparision of the FreeOffice 2018 vs SoftMaker Office Standard. At first sight it was a bit shocking, that seemd that FO2018 is not only simply has reduced feature set compared to the full SO2018 but
it has a greatly reduced feature set from the FO2016.
Basic features like text format copying are gone, but I think it's not the only one.
Maybe a release model has changed, I can't tell, but not since free SO or FO ever appeared were features removed from one free edition to the other.
I think FO2018 now lags behind that much in basic functionality (still I love it), but makes it harder to get some work done, and eventually convince someone to license the full version.
Until now the difference between FO and SO were the home (occasional) or pro (heavy duty) usage.
Also I'd be happy to assist in some translation updates and additions to the FO release, maybe they would be useful for the SO release too. (I've installed FreeOffice Linux x64)
Thanks for the excellent work that is reflected in the 2018 edition, and hope to see a review of lacking features, and their reintroduction through an update package into the FO2018 soon.

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Re: Feature set reduction from 2016?

Post by snowshed » Wed May 23, 2018 2:37 pm

I was going to request there be a Free Office for the Mac, but if the features are being reduced, never mind.

I was going to install Free Office 2018 on my Linux computer, but I'll install 2016 instead, if It can still be downloaded.

And, I think I will rethink my usual recommendation of Free Office to people, also.

I use Softmaker Office on my Windows 7 computer, which I use over 90% of the time.

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Re: Feature set reduction from 2016?

Post by bill0287 » Sun May 27, 2018 12:23 am

I noticed the same thing when I installed the 2018 version...the loss of copy format, reduction of file formats, etc. Why add .docx and remove .doc? I deleted it 5 minutes after installing it.

Dropping features that customers are used to is bad business. It will not drive me to license the program, it will drive me to switch to another office suite entirely. It's insulting to your customers to take away features previously available.

Hopefully SoftMaker will see the error in their ways and make the program useful again.

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