Changing function data

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Changing function data

Post by Aitrus » Sun Mar 07, 2021 7:35 pm

Just downloaded FreeOffice to replace Office 365. I'm loving the product so far. However, there is one small feature that Excel had that I'm not finding in PlanMaker: quickly changing a grouping of contiguous cells included in a function.

In Excel, say I have data entered in cells A1-A10 (a continuous grouping of cells, leaving none of them out), and have a function in cell B12 that uses all that data. Now I enter data into A11 and want to change the function in B12 to include A2-A11, but now exclude A1.

When using Excel, to change the cells included in the function I would click on B12, go to the top bar where the function was displayed and click on the cell grouping (A1:A10), which would highlight the cells in question. I would then click on the blue square in the bottom right corner of A10 and drag it down to A11, and click on the blue line at the top of A1 and drag it down to the top of A2. These two quick actions would change the cells included in the B12 function from A1:A10 to A2:A11.

In PlanMaker, I'm not finding the same ease of use. I can use the blue square at the bottom right of the lowest selected cell, but I can't click on the top blue line to drag it up or down. The quickest way to make small changes like this is to manually type in the cells I wish to include. This slows me down quite a bit because I do hundreds of these small changes when I'm working on my spreadsheets, and it's hard to identify which cells I'm including. It's hard to make sure that I'm including the correct cells when changing L110:L144 to L115:L149 on a function in cell AA366. It's easier to just drag the highlighted lines to capture the cells in question rather than squinting to make sure I have the blue cell capture lines aligned correctly with the left-hand Y-axis to make sure I have the correct row / column locations.

Is this something that can be changed by tweaking a setting somewhere, or is it an advanced feature only available in the full SoftMaker product? It's a very nuanced feature, I'll admit, but it saved me a lot of time while increasing my accuracy, and I'd like to use it in PlanMaker if I can.


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Re: Changing function data

Post by SuperTech » Tue Mar 09, 2021 3:41 pm

Thanks for sharing the details. This feature is already there in all editions of PlanMaker and in FreeOffice also. Please check the attached screen recording for your reference.
PlanMaker Range update.gif

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