PlanMaker does not open "system" files currently

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PlanMaker does not open "system" files currently

Post by sft10 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:48 pm


See my second post, the problem just occurs with "system" files, for example "hidden" files (and "regular" ones of course) open without problems.

Thus, my first post here is misleading and should not be put attention to.

And thank you for your addressing the problem, as ensues from your kind answer!

I have tried PlanMaker (free), and I am very pleased with its behavior, i.e. it does not try, as Excel 2016 does (which I also have), to decide for the user, so working with PlanMaker is much more simple, and so I am considering buying the full version.

Now, I discover though that most of my .xlsx files, done with Excel 2016, do NOT open in PlanMaker, which falsely pretends it doesn't find the respective path; the same files open in Excel 2016 without problem (Win 10 Prof. English, newest version/update).

This even occurs for very SIMPLE files, with NO formula at all, no special formatting or other specifics.

So now I have to work with Excel, which with my intention to buy SoftMaker Office, I had intended to avoid.

So please can you tell me what could be possible problems which cause this problem? (It's NOT the path, as is alleged by the error message.)

Thank you!
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PlanMaker does not open "system" files currently?

Post by sft10 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:55 pm

This afternoon, I have asked here about possible reasons for PM not opening even very simple .xlsx files which have been produced by Excel 2016 (very simple = no formulas, no formatting, not hundreds but just some dozen of rows or columns).

(That post has not yet been published and should not been published; if it is, I'll comment with a link to this post here.)

I have now found the reason myself: No chance to open files with the "system" attribute in PM; as soon as I take away the "system" attribute, those files will open in PM without any problem.

Considering that I use that (and the "hidden") attribute for "important" files, in order to format the file entries accordingly, in my file manager, this behavior of PM is a nuisance, since after working on the file, or just browsing it, I might then miss to activate the "system" attribute again, inadvertently. (Excel opens "system" files without any problem.)

Thus my question if there is a way to make PM open "system" files, too?

(I'd prefer to work in PM for all my files because Excel always tries to "think" for (and instead of) the user, creating all sorts of problems.)

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Re: Most .xlsx files do not open in PlanMaker

Post by SuperTech » Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:26 pm

Thanks for reporting this problem. I was able to reproduce it and forwarded the details to our development team.

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