High contast theme bug, dark theme no dark document

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High contast theme bug, dark theme no dark document

Post by julianoniem » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:19 am

I was about to purchase Softmaker Office 2018, when I noticed a dealbreaking bug while using high contrast theme in Windows 10 1809.

With high contrast theme enabled (next to 'modern' dark mode enabled) in Windows 10 1809 (on 2 different computers!) I can't save documents and safe as dialog will not open. (Could be a bug with new dark File Explorer).

An other issue: with FreeOffice in high contrast mode the document is dark too, with regular paid Office (trial) the document is still eye torturing blinding white. (Change colors of document is not an option, will have to change back each time before sending doc to others). I need dark document to work with high contrast theme in Windows or better more advanced dark theme in Softmaker including document in dark mode.

Completely dark themed office including document means I can work and go to sleep immediately. Staring into white background on computer display (and mobile device) means I can't fall a sleep for hours so have to stop working hours before going to sleep. Not a full dark mode kills my productivity at home or I still have to write in other application like Notepad++ and then copy paste text, etc. next day to office document.

Hopefully this gets fixed. Softmaker seams the only good replacement for MS Office. (LibreOffice compatibilty with MS Office 2007-2016 documents is bad, many errors. Softmaker FreeOffice excellent compatibility so far with MS Office docs made at work computers). I want to cancel my personal Office 365, because included Onedrive is such a unreliable piece of trash (sync-errors, often slow, huge CPU usage spikes with CPU fan noise like playing heavy games, etc.), I had to take other much better extra cloud (Dropbox) to replace it.

Kind regards

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Re: High contast theme bug, dark theme no dark document

Post by sven-l » Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:14 pm

Please wait for the next version of FreeOffice, which will be available in a few days and report back if the problem still exist.
Sven Leßmann
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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