Feature-Request: Reload Configuration

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Michael Uplawski
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Feature-Request: Reload Configuration

Post by Michael Uplawski » Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:25 am


PSE comment on the idea to enable each office program to read its current configuration file (.*config.ini) at any point in time, e.g. after the user has clicked a button or chosen the pertinent menu-option. I would not mind the function to be available as a user-defined shortcut, only.

The idea is to allow scripts to alter the values in the ini-files, then have TextMaker or another component read the new configuration to honor the changes.

I am not sure that this implies that the currently loaded file must be reloaded, too... perhaps not in each case. But such a reload-file function had already been proposed by myself to allow changes in the XML-code of a currently loaded file. These are distinct functions, although their activation could be implicit.

A lot to think about. Although I wrote “Feature Request”, this may be more of a “RFC”-type suggestion.
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