Problem with PDF export after update

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Problem with PDF export after update

Post by esha3D » Mon May 20, 2019 10:13 am

I have a text file with some images in it and the text running around them.

When I export it to PDF the result is a mangled file that has parts of the text squeezed into the left bottom corner and some images are resized incorrectly, too. And the file size is quite big.
When I print the PDF via the Print dialogue, using the FlexiPDF printer, the result is somewhat better, but it doesn't give me any options where I could control the embedding of fonts or the quality of the PDF.

Funny enough, I get the best results if I print it using the free version of another software, although it doesn't display 100% correct in the FlexiPDF viewer. It does display correctly in other viewers so I think it's FlexiPDF that has a problem.

I would like to have this working correctly, as it should.
It used to work in January, with the old version of Text Maker and FlexiPDF 2017. Since then I've updated Text Maker and upgraded to FlexiPDF 2019 and now I'm having problems. Very annoying.

Since the forum tells me my files are too big to be attached I can't upload them here but I can provide a dropbox link if necessary.

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Re: Problem with PDF export after update

Post by miguel-c » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:16 pm

Hi, could you please provide us with the files, please? Dropbox is fine.

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