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.BAK files

Post by maali » Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:23 pm

Your products are an excellent replacement for MSOffice but there are just two things that keep annoying me:
1) when you open a document, TextMaker (probably the other applications too) dump a .BAK file. It doesn't delete this .BAK file upon closing the application, which is really annoying when you keep documents on your desktop, as it gets polluted with those .BAK files. Is there a way to avoid this?
2) when you create a new document via the right-click context menu and then 'New' either in some folder or on the desktop... and then double-click that document, TextMaker starts a new 'Untitled' document instead of opening the document you just created.

hopefully in a future update these things can be fixed ;)


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Re: .BAK files

Post by Jossi » Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:14 pm

1) Go to Tools > Options, tab "Files", and you'll find the backup options at the bottom of the box. The default setting is "Simple Backup" (one .bak file per document in the document folder), but in the dropdown list you can choose either "No backup" or "Advanced backup" which gives you options to save backups to a different folder (e.g. a special folder created for backups only), to delete backups and to save more than one backup for each document.
2) That's correct. SoftMaker should have a look at this issue.

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