Problem Loading images into Textmaker 2018

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Ian Wood
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Problem Loading images into Textmaker 2018

Post by Ian Wood » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:36 am

I had a serious and time-consuming problem loading images and ensuring page breaks between images. If the image occupied a full page, there was no way to separate it from the previous and subsequent images without leaving a blank page after the image.

Also when the images came in, they either came in too small and off the top edge of the page, or they came in too large and had to be shrunk to fit the margins. The problem is then with trying to get the image to fit the page margins using the "sizing margin" that surrounds the picture, which hosts the resizing points.

If the resizing points are over over the page margin, but the image fits to the margin will this cause print problems? There was nothing to indicate this one way or the other. Why is there not simply a right-click option to size the image to fit the margin(s)? This took way too much time to be productive and Textmaker needs to be way better than this if it is to beat Microsoft. It needs to be intuitive, with pop-up help and hints and tips.

I had to give up using Textmaker and return to Microsoft Word (which I detest) in order to complete this job properly because Word simply does this better than Textmaker and with minimal effort.

I hate ot say this, but in Word I had no issues whatsoever. The images came in full-sized and fit perfectly to the margins - which they should do, since the image had been created specifically to be the correct size for those margins

This is a real problem with Textmaker.

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SoftMaker Volunteers
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Re: Problem Loading images into Textmaker 2018

Post by Jossi » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:14 pm

It would be helpful to get a sample document and a few sample images to be able to reproduce this issue.

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Re: Problem Loading images into Textmaker 2018

Post by ecbritz » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:33 am

Yes, please send (i.e. attach) a sample document with a picture you inserted and which you find difficult to resize and/or position as you wish. I wonder if you might perhaps be struggling with an "embedded object" rather than a "object frame", or vice versa. I like Textmaker's handling of pictures and never have a problem with that. Adjusting the size and position of images, also fitting an image to any margin setting you might have, works like a charm. Lets see an example of your problem please.
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