Suggestions: Single Page View and Custom Zoom

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Suggestions: Single Page View and Custom Zoom

Post by SoftiUser » Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:03 pm


Please add a option to view/edit one page at a time on the screen (even though pdf is multiple pages), with a page forward/backwards button at the bottom on the status bar.

Please also include a custom zooming mode on the bottom of the screen, status bar.

Currently the only view/edit screen, pdfs are on a continuous scrolling mode. It is distracting when editing on a single page and you accidentally scroll, lose your place/wrong edits etc.

Currently I am using a very old competitor product (foxit pdf editor 1.0) that highlights my two suggestions perfectly. I have attached a screenshot of it. Also, this older foxit pdf editor is portable. Huge plus.

I understand portable mode maybe coming soon?

SoftMaker Team
SoftMaker Team
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Re: Suggestions: Single Page View and Custom Zoom

Post by sven-l » Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:59 pm

I will refer your suggestion to the product management.
Sven Leßmann
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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